History and Mission

The Jacob Marley Foundation (JMF) is a private foundation established by Chris and Traci Quackenbush in 1993 with a major focus on improving people’s lives through education. Many educational, literary, charitable and religious programs have been initiated and other already existing programs have been funded by JMF. The Foundation’s center of concentration is in two communities, Bay Shore and Manhasset, both on Long Island, NY. We are a "hands on group" who look to help better the lives of our neighbors.

Social Services

• Yearly grants have been awarded to Mercy Haven, a housing facility for underprivileged, senior citizens.



  • During the Christmas season, as many as 600 children benefit from a variety of social events that include arts and crafts, game playing and gift giving. The Foundation adopts families in need at Christmas time providing them with food baskets, clothing, books and toys. 

  • JMF affords students educational and cultural opportunities including Christmas musicals, Broadway plays, baseball games and the circus. 

  • The Foundation funds an after school homework and enrichment program called Adventures In Learning (AIL) . Specialized instruction in homework skills, health education, foreign language, computer skills and arts and crafts provided by certified teachers is made available to approximately 50 students daily. KidzLit and KidzMath, as well as Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are among the other activities included in the program.


  • The Christopher Quackenbush Memorial Library in the Hagedorn Community Center at the Manhasset/Great Neck EOC is located in a low income housing project.  The lending library has approximately 800 books along with computers equipped with internet access and available to the students living in nearby housing.

  • Emergency Service grants are provided to the Bay Shore Schools and the Congregational Church of Manhasset to assist economically needy families on a one-time, as-needed basis to provide necessities where there are no outside community services available.

  • Long Island University’s Reading Program benefits Adventures in Learning students through a Jacob Marley Foundation grant.   LI University has partnered with JMF to provide one-on-one instruction, at the university in their reading center, working with reading specialists who are masters’ degree candidates.  The  children benefit from exposure to a college campus while improving their reading and comprehension skills.

  • Project Succeed is a work study program in Manhasset High School for disadvantaged students providing job opportunities, training, counseling and minimum wage. The Jacob Marley Foundation grant provides job opportunities for over 50 young people.

  • Summer camp scholarship grants provide summer camp experience to 50 students each year. The children are from low-income, minority families living in crowded apartments in low-income housing developments.  In addition to offering safe summer activities and a respite from difficult living conditions, the goal of the summer camp Initiative is to help students develop their athletic, social, cultural and artistic skills while profiting from a summer camp environment.