Founder's Statement

The human spirit is like a filament. When dormant, you underestimate its potential. But as thin cold steel can light a room, the electrified human spirit is like the star in the east, creating in each mortal “vast means of usefulness.” The Jacob Marley Foundation believes the human spirit is electrified by the alternating currents of productivity and compassion. We support efficient productivity through a free, entrepreneurial and capitalistic economic system. But a person’s trade, their productivity becomes “but a drop in the comprehensive ocean,” a thin unlit filament, unless channeled back into the compassionate creation of opportunities for others. We support the delivery of the fruits of productivity to those in need through an individualistic, entrepreneurial system free from the corrosives of bureaucracies. In this sense, humankind is the ultimate business, and humankind is the business of the Jacob Marley Foundation.

Raising funds to provide “meat and drink and means of warmth” to those lacking these essentials is only a beginning. Providing educational opportunities and incentives for our children and stable housing for their family unit is our ultimate objective. To this end, we will seek the support of our business leaders – not just their economic support, but their human support, their ideas, their compassion, their spirit. We will personally touch the lives of our fellow humans. We will help them find, or we will create, affordable housing. We will help them find, or we will create educational opportunities. We will help them find, or will supply, food and drink and means of warmth. We will not walk through the crowds of fellow beings with our eyes turned down, but will let the light of our human spirit conduct us to those we can help, and we will remind ourselves daily that “no space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunities misused.”


Christopher Quackenbush
Traci L. Quackenbush

Executive director

Diana L. Holden


Carlton D. Brown

Vice President
Traci L. Viklund

Thomas M. O’Brien


Carlton D. Brown

William F. Hickey

Thomas M. O’Brien

Christopher J. Quackenbush

Gail Quackenbush

Michael Quackenbush

Whitney Quackenbush

Mark Viklund

Traci L. Viklund